10 Tips From A Webcam Modeling Agent

Recently, I stated that I planned to use this blog more. I also warned everyone to expect a mix of three topics—the paranormal, paganism, and erotica. This is one of the latter. So, don’t read on if erotica and/or pornography offends you.

Over the past few years, the world of pornography has changed drastically. Once upon a time, if you wanted pornography it meant a trip to a dank, rundown, seedy theater. Inside, you never knew what you’d find—or who! The advent of the VCR changed that. The VCR—Video Cassette Recorders, for those of you too young to remember them—allowed us to buy, or rent adult films on tape. For the first time, we could easily watch pornography in the comfort and privacy of our own homes. It was fantastic!

More recently, the Internet has brought about an even more radical change. Although pornography has been accessible via the Internet since the 1980’s, it was in the early 1990’s—when home use of the Internet upsurged—that on-line adult fare really began to flourish.

Brief side note: Despite overzealous fundamentalist claims about the expansive distribution of pornography on the Internet, studies have reported that only about 12% of the millions upon millions of website currently in existence are of a pornographic nature.

Internet pornography has changed the face of the adult business industry. Studios that have long been established are struggling to keep their businesses afloat. More and more, people who want to break into the business of pornography are turning away from floundering adult film studios, and launching their own careers, solo, as adult Internet celebrities. One major venue for such things has become the webcam.

Webcam sites continue to become more prevalent. The careers of several high-profile Internet adult entertainment celebrities—male, female, and transgender—have been launched via webcams. They continue upholding their status the same way. Webcams can be run by a single person, or through a larger site. Even people who create a name for themselves in the once-mainstream adult film industry tend to appear, even if only sporadically, on the larger webcam sites. These larger sites provide an increased amount of traffic for the performers. However, in exchange for that, such sites also lay claim to a set percentage of each performer’s income made per appearance. It’s a trade-off—higher amounts of traffic, and increased visibility on the larger site, but paying that percentage for it. On the other hand, by setting up your own site and going purely solo, you might get to keep all of the money for yourself, but you won’t have the instant traffic and exposure of the larger sites.

Not that simply appearing on one of the large sites means instant success! I’ve talked to webcam model agent Julie St. Claire (find her Twitter feed at @JulieStClaire01). Julie has been kind enough to offer some tips for webcam models to help them build their business.

First, she reports: “Always be honest with your viewers. Often, a model will promise something, say the removal of all of their clothing, once a certain monetary amount has been paid. People pay. The amount the model quoted is reached. The model will strip, but then IMMEDIATELY DRESS AGAIN.” Why is that a problem? Julie tells us: “Technically, the model isn’t lying—they DID undress once the donations reached the level they’d set. But saying something like, ‘I did as I promised, I got naked. I simply didn’t say how long I’d stay that way!’ is very close to lying or false advertising. It upsets the viewers. As a webcam model, you’re in business. Your viewers are your customers. You don’t want to lie to them. It upsets them. It alienates them. They’ll not only stop watching your webcam shows and paying you, but they’ll spread the word of your tactics. They’ll tell other people not to give you money.”

When asked how the model should act, Julie says: “The best way I’ve found is to set a fairly small amount for the removal of clothing first. Some models set a cost per item of clothing. Some set a higher amount and, once it’s reached, they strip completely. Once nude on camera, the webcam model will then put on a small show, enticing viewers. Then they set another, larger, amount for something else, typically a masturbation show. If and when that goal is met, give your viewers what they’ve paid for. Make it special. Make it memorable. They’ll keep coming back to you for more. They’ll also spread the word to others. It can take a while, but you’ll see your fan base grow. With a growing fan base will come growing profits for your performances.”

When asked what a model/performer should do if people simply aren’t paying during a show—just lurking in the hopes of seeing something good in a public show that others have paid for—she gives this advice: “You might want to give away a little bit. You might want to give your viewers a brief peek at your breasts, maybe even your genitals. If you really want to give them something good, masturbate briefly. Just DON’T EVER give them a whole show for free. If people refuse to pay, simply state that if your donation goal isn’t met within a certain amount of time, you’ll be logging off. When that time runs out, you might wait another minute or two, especially if you think someone is about to drop some money for you. Otherwise, politely tell your viewers good-bye, let them know when you plan to be on-line again, and then log off. If you become known as someone who will give away a performance, they won’t pay. People will log into your cam feed, and then wait for you to get tired of waiting and give them a free show. Remember, you’re there to make money. If your customers aren’t paying that day, close down your shop early. Don’t give away much for free. Make your customers pay to see what they’re there to see.”

Julie also has this advice for webcam models, or anyone planning to break into the business of webcam modeling/performing: “Always be polite. No one likes to watch rude, bitchy models on-line. Sadly, as a webcam model, you’ll have to deal with far more than your share of assholes who scream at you, berate you, and try to order you around. The best way to cope with that is to just make it clearly known that you won’t tolerate it, and that anyone acting in such a way will be instantly banned. When someone does start to act that way, don’t hesitate. Ban them from your cam and focus on the people who are having fun with you. Get on with your show.”

She also says: “Another thing to keep in mind is to always, ALWAYS pay attention to your audience. One huge mistake a lot of newbie webcam models make is not doing that. They’ll turn their camera on, lie back with a magazine, or watch TV, ignore their audience, and just wait for people to start paying for the striptease. DON’T DO THAT!  Talk with your viewers. Chat with them. Flirt with them. Tease them. Make them want you. Make them want to see you nude. Then make them pay for it. That’s the business you’re probably in if you’re a webcam model. Not every model is comfortable undressing on camera. Some simply chat, flirt, and tease. The ones who masturbate on camera do most make the most money, though. If you want to truly make money as a webcam model, be willing to be naked in front of your audience. Be willing to give them long, enticing masturbation shows. Give them long looks at your genitals in action. That’s what they’re there to watch.”

I asked Julie if any special looks, or talents are required to be a webcam model. Her answer is: “None at all! It doesn’t take a lot of talent to remove your clothes, and play with yourself. Even if your elderly, are an amputee, seriously overweight, or anything else you can make it big as a webcam model. In fact, a lot of people are willing to pay more for such niche performers.”

Keeping in mind what Julie St. Claire has shared, it’s easy to see why so many people have migrated away from mainstream adult venues to foray into their own webcam businesses!

Please visit Julie on Twitter at twitter.com/JulieStClaire01, say hello, and thank her for taking the time to share these tips with us. For those of you who are either ready to launch your webcam modeling careers, or are simply looking for a new webcam venue at which to perform, you can go to Julie’s sign-up page and get started now: http://www.i-camz.com/agent/Model.php?agent=2719. The webcam site Julie represents promises their models the highest pay in the webcam modeling industry.

Again, thanks to Julie St. Claire for taking time to help out with this blog post!

Blessed Be,

Eldritch Thorn

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Book Marketing

This is going to be an extremely lazy blog post. I’ll admit that freely and up front. As a best-selling author, book marketing is very important to me. However, there are countless “experts” out there, off of whom will led you in a different direction. My plan had been to write a blog post about this. But, my good friend, critically-acclaimed, best-selling paranormal author Scott Harper beat me to the punch. He posted a very similar article on his own blog not too long ago.

So, I’m going to lazy and simply direct my readers to Scott’s post on this matter, rather than write my own. As I agree with everything he said in his piece on this topic, I’m saving myself some work, and, hopefully, driving some traffic to his blog. See his blog post on the subject of book marketing here: http://scottharpersblog.wordpress.com/2013/03/08/discordant-marketing/

Blessed Be,

Eldritch Thorn

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Werewolves Today

Personal experience, which I’m not prepared to discuss openly here, has convinced me that werewolves are more than folklore and myth. Werewolves are real. Do a bit of research and you’ll find a startling number of current, present day sightings right here in the USA.

I’m Wiccan. I’m also psychic. Lately, I’ve been feeling a strong pull to learn as much about werewolves as I can. As yet, I don’t know the cause. But that pull is strong, and steadily getting stronger. I think that I may be heading toward a situation in which a very detailed knowledge of werewolves will help myself, or someone else.

If anyone has any factual information, or first-hand accounts of dealings with werewolves to share with me, that would be most welcomed. Maybe such things would help me to figure out why I’m feeling this draw to learn more about these beings.

Blessed Be,

Eldritch Thorn

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8 Health Benefits of Masturbation

Masturbation—you probably do it. 95% of men, and 89% of women masturbate. Why? The main reason is that it feels so good. Most people who masturbate do so strictly for that reason. However, there are a number of solid health benefits that masturbation provides.

– Masturbation relieves stress.

– Masturbation keeps the blood pressure, reproductive system, heart rate, and brain chemistry fit.

– Masturbation has been shown to reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men by up to a third.

– Masturbation is more likely to help women achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse.

– Masturbation can help prevent cervical infections in women.

– Masturbation can help lower the risk of Type II diabetes.

– Masturbation can help combat insomnia.

– Masturbation can help men combat erectile dysfunction.

With these things in mind, if you already masturbate, you’ll probably want to do it more. If you’re one of the few people who don’t indulge in self-pleasure, don’t you think it’s time you started?

Blessed Be,

Eldritch Thorn

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Things That Go Bump Anytime

Sadly, many people these days don’t accept certain realities. Ghosts. Spirits. Vampires. Demons. Zombies. Werewolves. People claim these creatures are nothing more than myth, legend, and poorly-written Hollywood tripe. Unfortunately, that isn’t true. Those things, and many more, are very real. Read my best-selling book, “Protect Yourself: A Handbook for the Recognition of the Supernatural for Defensive Purposes”. I cover a number of topics it in. For each type of being listed, methods of self-protection against them are given:

– Thoughtforms as protection against Angels

– Energy shielding as protection against Astral Entities

– Various herbs that can protect against Ghosts

– Unique methods of protecting yourself  against Werewolves


You’ll find these and many more in my best-selling book “Protect Yourself: A Handbook for the Recognition of the Supernatural for Defensive Purposes” – https://www.omnilit.com/product-protectyourselfahandbookfortherecognitionofthesupernaturalfordefensivepurposes-657389-139.html

Blessed Be,

Eldritch Thorn

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Ley Lines

The name originated in 1921 with archeologist Alfred Watkins. Ley lines are said by many—particularly by practitioners of the magickal arts—to be veins of energy running throughout the Earth. Ley lines are said to crisscross the planet. It is thought by many people that ley lines can be tapped into for magickal strength and power. Places where two or more of them intersect are said to be exceptionally good for this.

Personally, I’ve never had any connection or contact with a ley line that I’m aware of. What about all of you? Anyone have any ley line stories to share?

Blessed Be,

Eldritch Thorn

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This Blog

Before, I’ve said that I hope to start posting to this blog more regularly. Despite repeatedly saying things like that, it never seems to happen. So, this is me, saying it again—I hope to start posting to this blog more regularly.


I’m a best-selling erotica author. I’m also a best-selling pagan author. However, to try and avoid posting nothing but “Buy my books; here are the links!” posts here, I’m thinking of devoting the majority of the posts to the world of the paranormal, paganism, and erotica. Odd mix, I know. Then again, people have told me all my life that I’m very odd. A very odd person writing an odd blog. Odd? Not really; it makes sense to me. Hopefully it will to you, too. And, by doing this, it just might get me posting here more often. With luck, if I do that traffic will pick up, and this blog will become a much livelier place. Who knows? Maybe I’ll have to start screaming, “Party at my blog!” once in a while.

Blessed Be,

Eldritch Thorn

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